About ProtoLab

ProtoLab is a branch off of RepRap Squad that specializes in prototyping. We found ourselves constantly building prototypes, mods and proof of concept builds. The deeper we got into prototyping, the more diversified our builds got. We’ve prototyped everything from custom PC case builds to household items for the tech savvy user.

We wanted to be able to share some of our builds as well as help to teach others about the prototyping process. Feel free to get ahold of us If you would like to get involved or need some help with some of your own builds.

You can also check out our full 3D print site here; RepRap Squad

@REPRAPSQUAD (RepRap Squad’s acct)
@REPRAPSQUAD_HQ (ProtoLab’s acct)

E-mail: RepRapSquad@techie.com


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